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Posted 2013年01月25日 - 21:37 JST #13638

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this code was a request by super and Szymmysaurus?


anyways this code maximizes how many courses that can be used on mk zero of other custom mkds roms.



this code reroutes the track data to a blank area near the root of the arm7 asm of mkds.

all 32 original courses are included in this code still. all you have to do it extend it

1202aee8 00000960
2202af92 000000fe
2202afa4 000000fe
2202aea2 000000ff
0202ab20 02002bd0
0202b550 02002bd0
d3000000 02153898
f2002bd0 0000007c
d2000000 00000000




you start here.
02002c4c 000000xx


(^this^ is the first blank address after the main list.)




and continue

02002c50 000000xx

02002c54 000000xx

02002c58 000000xx

02002c5c 000000xx

02002c60 000000xx


up to 255 of these above.


  the limit is 255 tracks but i doubt it will ever make it that large lol. XD   i also change the time limit from 20 to 40 seconds to chose your track

Haruhi Ermiiworth
Posted 2013年01月26日 - 5:25 JST #13651


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very nice done!!!

Posted 2013年01月26日 - 6:36 JST #13654

MKDS Kart Connoisseur

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255 tracks then we would be better then CTGP! XD But we do have the size restricion on .nds roms.

Dark Light
Posted 2013年01月26日 - 6:46 JST #13655

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NDS Rom extender? Like SM64 Rom extender.

Posted 2013年01月26日 - 16:15 JST #13658

MKDS Kart Connoisseur

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Yes, but we could have to deal with a overflow of memory in the NDS.

Posted 2013年01月26日 - 16:30 JST #13659

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there ain't no such thing as to much lol jk.  i hope this code is useful in the future.

Posted 2013年01月27日 - 3:37 JST #13680

Feature-Length Nut Expansion Pak

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It is useful in combination with my asm hack. Since my hack expands course id's.

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