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Posted 2013年05月07日 - 2:10 JST #14989

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Hey hello dear trainers how are you today good? With me is great and good today dear trainers! I will take mine team to analyze and will found out what I have to add and miss to for mine Pokémon and for mine team dear trainers. Okay I will a start with mine team setup and write about mine Pokémon and what they can or not can, so I have to do more work here and get mine team stronger and stronger then ever he was dear trainers. Okay mine team comes from Pokémon emerald (GBA) game and they are so strong with single and tag team battle dear trainers. But I can't beat the team with two legendaries because they are stronger then mine team and I bring the 5% damage left to they's last legendary Pokémon named Arceus dear facebook and here is mine Pokémon team line up and analyse my team!


»Absol Level 100!«
Sex: Famale.
Nature: Bashful.
Item: Scope lens.
Ability: Pressure.

HP: 285.
Attack: 321.
Defence: 160.
Special attack: 180.
Special defence: 139.
Speed: 225.


Psycho cut.
Night slash.
Iron tail.


Something about her: Absol is a dark Pokémon and weakling either, because he can attack strongly and defensive is he weak and he can attack greatly but he can fail to knock out quickly dear trainers. He has strong attacks to beat his opponent's Pokémon with his strong attacks like Psycho cut (not to dark, because dark types are immune against the dark attack), Iron tail (defence down sometimes) and Shadowball to the ghost type Pokémons dear trainers, that's not the biggest problem to beat them he can beat easily because his defence is lower then his attack stats dear trainers. Look to his attack and defence stats on his status amount dear trainers and you you'll see what I mean about it dear trainers!


»Aggron level 100!«
Sex: Male.
Nature: Bashful.
Item: Quick claw.
Ability: Sturdy.


HP: 274.
Attack: 275.
Defence: 396.
Special attack: 167.
Special defence: 161.
Speed: 163.


Ice beam.
Iron head.


Something about him: what I can write about is that you can see on his status ammount, it's all about his defence look to his defence power level is way to high and it's not normal because his defence power level is 396 and why if you ask it about? I don't know either about it, maybe it's about his type of steel and ground that makes the strongest defence power. Normal attack is strong anough to attack his opponent's Pokémon with his Iron head move and the other elemental attacks if for the super effective attacks for beat them easily and his earthquake is strong either, but one thing he must not take the earthquake from his opponent's Pokémon because he can beated easily (danger for him) about his steel type is not good for him, but he must give it away dear trainers!


»Blaziken level 100!«
Sex: Male.
Nature: Serious.
Item: Amulet coin.
Ability: Blaze.


HP: 294.
Attack: 274.
Defence: 178.
Special attack: 248.
Special defence: 166.
Speed: 226.


Sky uppercut.
Blaze kick.
Rock smash.
Swords dance.


Something about him: okay let's see what I can tell about mine Blaziken. His HP and attack amount is high, by is that good for the battle against his opponent's Pokémon to beat and what can he do for his defence that he not because fail to knock out so fast? Okay I can tell you onething about his moves Sky uppercut (shoryuken) you can use this attack to beat the normal and ground Pokémon so fastly as normal dear trainers, if that's not enough power to beat it you can use the swords dance to make his attack power twice stronger (2 times using is enough to become powerful). Blaze kick you can use it to the grass, bug and electro Pokémons dear trainers!


»Manectric level 100!«
Sex: Male.
Nature: Jolly.
Item: Shell bell.
Ability: Static.


HP: 286.
Attack: 195.
Defence: 146.
Special attack: 210.
Special defence: 149.
Speed: 301.


Hidden power (ground).


Something about him: Manectric is the strongest Pokémon with his thunder attack, but his attack and special attack is not so balanced high to use his strongest thunder attacks dear trainers. Flamethrower can be used for the grass, bug and electro type Pokémons and his other strongest attack the he can do is Discharge (but not for double or tag battles) can beat with that move the Pokémon with type of water and fly dear trainers. Hidden power is good for fire, ground and rock type Pokémons, becaue this move is from the power of ground he can also use for the ghost and psychic type Pokémon the move named Bite dear trainers!


»Salamence level 100!«
Sex: Male.
Nature: Bold.
Item: Life orb.
Ability: Intimidate.


HP: 317.
Attack: 311.
Defence: 201.
Special attack: 281.
Special defence: 187.
Speed: 248.


Zen headbutt.
Dragon claw.


Something about him: Salamence is the strongest Pokémon in the team, because his status is balanced and good to stay at the battle dear trainers. His attacks is also usable great and he can beat all the type Pokémon that he comes to fight against him, with his status ammount and moveset is he unbeatable to become knock out dear trainers. Dragon claw can be used to the dragon type Pokémon to beat easily dear trainers. Crunch can be used for ghost and psychic type Pokémons because Crunch is stronger that bite attack. Zen headputt for fighting and flying type Pokémon to beat them so easily. You can see that he can beat everything that fights against him and he is unbeatable to become fail of knock out!


»Sceptile level 100!«
Sex: Male.
Nature: Adamant.
Item: Expert belt.
Ability: Overgrow.


HP: 278.
Attack: 242.
Defence: 167.
Special attack: 229.
Special defence: 193.
Speed: 307.


Swords dance.
Leaf blade.
Rock smash.


Something about him: okay this is the last Pokémon at mine level 100 Pokémon team dear trainers. Okay what can I write about Sceptile right now dear trainers. Sceptile is the strongest grass Pokémon that I have in mine game and that's why that I set on mine Pokémon level 100 team dear trainers. His attack and special attack is strong, he has a great moves either to use Swords dance (twice use for his ultimate power) and Rock smash is a attack that gives damage plus defence down for 25% chance dear trainers. Leaf blade is the strongest and the killer move that Sceptile have in his attack moveset.


»Tag team battle strategies!«
I found it out what and which strategy you can do by the trainer's tag team battle of Pokémon, but I will write here how and what mine strategy is on the Trainer's tag team battle okay here we go about it dear trainers. I will start first with the tag team line up and that is on the right side of Pokémon diamond: Aggron, Blaziken 'n Manectric and on the left side of Pokémon soulsilver: Salamence, Absol 'n Sceptile dear trainers and why did I do the Aggron and salamence not by the same side if you ask to me? Because the Salamence is a Dragon 'n Fly type so Aggron have the move named Earthquake and I select Aggron 'n Salamence at the start of the battle, because I can use the earthquake to the other or ground type Pokémon to beat them if the move earthquake beat the ground type and not the other type can Salamence attack what you selected for the attack and maybe can beat the second one dear trainers. Blaziken and Sceptile can work perfectly together for the other attacks dear trainers and that's mine strategy of tag team battle!

Posted 2013年05月07日 - 20:47 JST #15013


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Barely a Pokemon Serious Team Builder, but I know all the stuff needed to help you.
First, you never type stats, only EVs and IVs.
First thing, if you plan to fight Ranked Smogon Battles online, you will have a bad time thanks to Blaziken.
Cause Blaziken's Tier is "Uber".
If you don't plan to send it to 5th Gen or further (Which is unlikely, but still), you can keep using it, becauce Blaziken is uber since 5th Gen.
On the other hand, nobody uses Blaziken in Platinum, just because his stats aren't enough, one Starmie and you're out, because Starmie is faster and Blaziken has weak Defenses.

...the rest of the post is really criticising, so if you don't want to be the very best and don't like insults, don't read further.

1. Nice lead. Absol is epic. You won't even need Swords Dance to kick everyone in their butt. Too bad you've got the neutral nature, Adamant would do perfectly, so if you wanna have some fun, breed it. Also take a Battle Frontier challenge to check if he'll be fast enough, otherwise you'll need to place Focus Sash or some Choice item into him. Even if the Attack is huge, defense isn't, and Machamp is a popular lead in DPPt Wi-Fi, trust me. :/ If you'll be breeding it anyway, try breeding second ability. Pressure is the least important ability for leads.
Like one Superpower and you're down, so why do you even need to take double PP? And Super Luck is really helpful.
Also. WHO THE HECK TEACHES ABSOL SHADOW BALL?! :o None of the best sets uses Shadow Ball Absol. Iron Tail is a move that really needs "Super Luck", the con is that it doesn't work this way. It only has 75% of accuracy...
2. Aggron?
NOPE. Earthquake is one of the most used moves in Pokemon Battling. His life will be veeery short. Better choose Bronzong with Levitate.
3. Wrote about Blaziken, overall it's kinda cool.
4. Manectric is too underrated and we both know it. With great speed and one type only (Meaning one weakness only), it can shine. ;)
Anyway, use the strongest TMs on him: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower... Also figure something against Grounds, Hidden Power Ground is not really the best HP there could be...
And almost didn't notice.
It's probably the worst nature he could have that actually has some positive impact. SPECIAL ATTACK DOWN?! It's gonna kill him!
Battle Frontier and then decide what to do.
5. Salamence: EVERYONE USES HIM WIFI COME ON. It's still better than using Rayquaza, but kaaay...
Plus he'll pull you down in WiFi. Why?
He's uber again, but this time in Gen 4. Don't use him if you don't have to. People hate ubers. Still a huge part of people choose Salamence for WiFi battles. Don't repeat the same mistake. :<
6. The reason why you can't beat legendaries is Sceptile.
Plus you've got the Emerald starter already.
I guess you've got the problem with Kanto birds: That's because you have Grass type only. They have Flying and take you down very quick.
What instead? Legendaries are often Psychic. Choose Houndoom.

Guess I helped. I didn't really read your descriptions, it's really pain for eyes to see "dear trainers" every few words. :P
Nice squad, looks like you really love Pokemon.

Posted 2013年06月01日 - 7:31 JST #15516

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Ooh okay it's well great that you posted and thankies very much for your post on this pokémon emerald team on pokémon platinum version, but why do you think that my emerald team is weak dear Szymmysaurus?

Posted 2013年06月03日 - 2:59 JST #15536


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It's not BAD, it's just not good enough. ;)

Posted 2013年06月03日 - 5:30 JST #15542

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It's not BAD, it's just not good enough. ;)

I want to replace the Mightyena to Absol, how good and strong can be my team then dear Szymmysaurus?

Haruhi Ermiiworth
Posted 2013年06月03日 - 6:08 JST #15545


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Dear Lucarita, this team is good... but not the best :)

Posted 2013年06月03日 - 6:11 JST #15546

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Dear Lucarita, this team is good... but not the best :)

Ooh okay, but if I replace the Absol for Mightyena shall it be good team then dear Ermelber?

Posted 2013年06月03日 - 6:14 JST #15548

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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2 people already said it's a good Team, why are you still asking how to make a good Team?

Posted 2013年06月03日 - 6:23 JST #15550

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2 people already said it's a good Team, why are you still asking how to make a good Team?

Because want to update with replacing the Absol with Mightyena, how it will be my team become dear MKG!

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