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Posted 2013年09月14日 - 7:09 JST #16555

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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[09-13-13 23:59:00] Yami: I was looking at my Rainbow Road Video again, and I've noticed something that might open many possibilities.
[09-14-13 00:00:07] Yami: Look at the original DS Rainbow Road, then look at any DS Rainbow Road after it, until GBA Rainbow Road starts.
Note how they either appear, or disappear on a certain distance.
[09-14-13 00:02:08] Yami: For example, DS Rainbow Road and Rainbow Ray Road disappear from a certain distance, so it limits the amount of Triangles/Faces on the DS Screen.
On SNES Rainbow Road, only the Thwomps disappear.
On GBA Rainbow Road and Rainbow Road 2, nothing disappears even once.
[09-14-13 00:02:48] Yami: My deepest guess is, it's related to Programming, so it should be somewhere in ARM9.
[09-14-13 00:03:18] Chippy: Ray is online aparently.
[09-14-13 00:03:35] Yami: So if we could trick the DS in fading CTs in/out, more complex CTs might become possible.
[09-14-13 00:03:50] Yoshi: N64 Choco Mountain has the same effect.
[09-14-13 00:04:15] Yami: I know, because the mountains are very heavy.
[09-14-13 00:04:26] Yoshi: Same for Luigi's Mansion

For reference:

Haruhi Ermiiworth
Posted 2013年09月14日 - 19:51 JST #16558


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Yeah, GBA RR and SNES RR didn't have fog settings, so nothing disappears. Maybe if we set the fog, DS will load less faces and the gameplay will be smoother (but not very good to see)

Posted 2013年09月17日 - 0:29 JST #16565


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Oh, you've got a nice idea! I'll be off to disassembling ARM to find thi-
FIRST, THERE IS NO ASM HACKER ._. The ASM mod (only one) was made by Mega-Mario.
SECOND, even if I tried, it'd take me forever.
THIRD, even if I asked Dirby, he'd say it'd take him forever. :|

Haruhi Ermiiworth
Posted 2013年09月17日 - 21:52 JST #16567


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Why do we need an asm hack? Fog works like that (even if it looks too foggy)

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