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Posted 2014年09月19日 - 20:56 JST #16725

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I have been studying the alpha and, beta objects i will explain why some objects no longer work or work incorrectly, i will also tell you if something still works.

Waluigi kiosk Pin1 and Pin head simply don't appear because there coding was erased the nkm in the final was never
edited because if you replace the nkm in the final with the kiosk demo version they still won't appear the sound effect for crashing into theme is still in the games code it's used for the chain chomp's stake it could be restored with asm hacking.

Waluigi pinball kiosk dram no longer works because coding was changed the dram on the ground and the dram on the wall
are both the same object suggesting the dram once had collison but the collison was removed in the final.

Beta flipper superstarrio:It can only be accessed on DeSmuME unfortunately. The reason luigi_course and donkey_course crash is because the flipper
object is missing textures. I would need to add three textures to the
flippers to fix them and I can't do that with an Action Replay. You can't file swap object textures neither.
I've tried different methods of deleting
them, but none of them worked. (I don't know what 3 textures he's talking about could someone tell me?

luigi_course kiosk demo bound: They work fine on emulator but they crash on real hardware. I have yet
to figure out why they crash a real DS in the final.

Tick-Tock Clock kiosk beta clock hands suprisingly work on both emulators and on a real DS. So you know what that
means? Feel free to use theme in coustom tracks!

Posted 2014年09月20日 - 1:22 JST #16758

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Why have you highlighted the whole post?

Posted 2014年09月20日 - 1:41 JST #16768

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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He didn't, he probably Copy/Pasted it from somewhere, and forgot to switch to the BBCode Editor.

Posted 2014年09月20日 - 1:48 JST #16771


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Fixed it.
I think we've had quite a bit of research on MKDS Wiki, you can see what NKM items work on NKM list, including all the Beta ones that work. [wiki]Object_ID_List[/wiki]

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