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Posted 2014年12月13日 - 22:03 JST #18965

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Alright, with this Thread, I want you, to be informed about what to expect, in the near future.

IP.Board 4.0
Maybe you're already aware of it, and maybe not, so if not, I'll explain.
This Forums is powered by IP.Board (or IPB, or Invision Power Board), currently running on Version 3.4.7.
However, after roughly 6 or 7 years, they'll Launch IP.Board 4.0, to the Public.
This means, that IP.Board will be our first major Upgrade, since our failed attempt, back in 2008, when we went from IP.Board 2.3.x to IP.Board 3.0.

This time, we're much more prepared, with Auto-Backups still being turned on, every day, but we'll do our best, to get all the Data over to IP.Board 4.0.
However, it won't be to soon.
We're still using stuff like ShoutBox, IPB-Wiki, uBox, and many other 3rd Party Modules, which are most likely incompatible, with IP.Board 4.0.
For this, we'll first wait for the most important ones, to be available for IP.Board 4.0, and then Upgrade.
Gallery and Hack Store are no problem, as they're 1st Party Modules, and thus, supported by IPS, directly.

Hack Store Quality Control
We have democratically decided, to use the Hack Store Quality Control, with 5 agreeing Votes, and 1 disagreeing Vote.
The Hack Store Quality Control is meant, to prevent stuff like Broken Files, Emulator-only and/or Flash Card-only Hacks, and incomplete Information.
All you need to do, is following the Guidelines, and all the Staff needs to do, is Testing it, on an Emulator (DS only), Flash Card, and Custom Firmware (3DS only).
Until then, you can continue to let the Staff Approve your stuff, immediately.

All stuff that was already Uploaded, won't be affected, and continue to be available, as is.
However, Updating the already available stuff, will need to Comply, to the Guidelines.
Also important: The Guidelines can possibly change, over time, so we won't expect you, to Study those, by Heart.

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