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Posted 2014年12月23日 - 1:04 JST #19183

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Mario Kart Ultimate :D :lol:

This is my newest hack!

Has a menu hack that only shows 4 cups, because the hack finished will have 4 cups, that's why is a mini hack.
The retro cups are deleted, (yes, you can select them in the menu, but you can't play), the retro track's names and pics are deleted too.
v1.0 has only the Shell Cup tracks changed.
This menu hack works only is  Spanish  and English, after I want to make the hack in  Italian, French, german... but for v2.0
Yup, has Custom Characters too:
·Funky Kong
·Petey Piranha

Download and ENJOY!!>_<


Posted 2014年12月23日 - 6:06 JST #19192

Banned, after a democratic decision, in which everyone agreed.

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Will you add more custom characters?

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 18:31 JST #19200

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For v2.0 y es, like King Boo. If gericom releases the MK7 characters I want to add Wiggler or King Bee.

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 19:04 JST #19202

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If somebody find a bug post-it here, please.

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