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Posted 2014年12月23日 - 4:27 JST #19186

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This is a project that i've started two and a half year ago. It's called Mario Kart GTA sa online.
As the name described this project is about racing at mario kart maps that are designed for GTA SA-MP.
This mod packs Mario kart styled maps designed for for different game modes like "Racing", "Derby", "Don't get rammed off", "Death match" and "Cops 'N robbers".
So far this project is: 
Finished, but there will be new content added over time.


Here is some content of the last few months.
~ Wesley.
Derby Maps
Block Fort:
"This time i made something totally different than a race, i made a derby map.
It is a replication of the Block fort model from mario kart DS but now for SA-MP.
Top View

Side View 1

Side View 2

Side View 3

Side View 4

Side View 5

Twilight House

Tower Enterance

Overview front Edge

Overview West

Overview Back

Overview Front

Palm Isle
Welcome to the tropical derby with flooded islands! get inside you FBI rancher and ram your oponents to death
in our new full inclusive Beachhead Hit and splash.* 
*The Car and the beer is exclusive.



Overview from sea height

Overview back

Racing tracks
Mario Kart GTA (GBA) Bowsers Castle
Mariokart Sa Tropical Circuit
Mariokart Sa (3DS) Airship Fortress
Racing tracks from 2 years ago
Mario kart Sa (Wii) Mushroom Gorge 2

Waluigi's Rainbowroad SA
Mariokart Sa (3DS) Rainbowroad SNES
Mariokart Sa (Wii) Rainbowroad

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 12:31 JST #19193

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Looks interesting but the race track models need some work. The derpy tracks look fine though.

Posted 2015年03月13日 - 3:59 JST #20350

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Well, the models don't need any more work because they are all fine.

The real thing with these tracks is that they are all mapped from hundreds of separate models.

That prevents people from falling though the floor when loading the objects when driving around. 

While huge models such as a full track imported in GTA is more likely to disappear after a certain distance which can cause a lot of frustration because of the draw distance.

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