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Posted 2014年12月23日 - 5:03 JST #19187

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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From today on, the only Unlockable will be, the ShoutBox Access.
Other than that, all Unlockables are gone, and people who already Unlocked those new things, are back in their 'ShoutBox Unlocked'-State.
It makes stuff easier to Manage, and those extra privileges were often misused.

Also, the Hack Store will now require at least 1 Screenshot, to be Uploaded, to all new Submissions, in almost all Categories.
Only the Custom Music Categories continue to not require Screenshots.
The reason for this change, is because many people were annoyed by the fact, they didn't know what they were Downloading.
Including Screenshots shows people, what to expect.

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 5:16 JST #19188

Banned, after a democratic decision, in which everyone agreed.

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Less unlockables = :)

Screenshot requirement = :(

N64 Arctus
Posted 2014年12月23日 - 5:25 JST #19190

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I guess the SM64DS Master Stars thread will have to be unlocked by someone else(a moderator, Admin, etc) when the time comes for its continuation...
And The Off Topic(My Spammy II Thread) is gone now...

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 15:47 JST #19195

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I was hoping to unlock some of them too... well this sucks but i don't see a problem with screenshot requirement though. Off topic: Whats Spammy II?

Posted 2014年12月23日 - 17:14 JST #19196

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Spammy II is a Sub Board of Nyanland, where Threads can be even more Spammy.
But at the other hand, it's pretty useless, because the same can be done, in Nyanland, also.

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