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Posted 2015年01月07日 - 3:27 JST #19438

Spammer, and Insulter.

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I decided to replaced a couple of skyboxes in the game with an improved/new/more creative version.


Here we go




This was pretty easy to improve, I used a skybox from Mario Kart Wii and upscaled it to downsize it.
Yoshi's Falls
This one makes loads of sense, Green Yoshi's, Why not Green Sky, You can also alter this if you would in Paint.net using the hue feature.
Cheep Cheep Beach


This one is from Mario Kart Wii, as simple as it is it looks great on Cheep Cheep Beach.


Luigi's Mansion


This one is just scaled and darkened, although it does tone some ambience...
Dry Dry Desert
This was made simply by taking the MKWii Coconut Mall Skybox, and adding an orange tone to the bottom.
Delfino Square
Made with the Imagination more than anything, Green-ish Blue Skies.
Waluigi Pinball
Drew my own and added a moon.
Shroom Ridge
This is made from a painting at school, It fit a skybox as it was supposed to be printed and layered.





Posted 2015年01月11日 - 0:35 JST #19480

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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