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Posted 2015年01月17日 - 4:29 JST #19613

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Unlike the DS, which is one format for all, 3DS ROMs come in a variety of formats.
This means, in order to please everybody, you'll need to build:
- .3DS (for Gateway).
- .CIA (for CFW).
- .CIA (for Panda's).
- .CCI (for Debuggers).
- .3DSX (for NinjHax).
- .3DZ (for whatever the fuck this may be).

Another hold back, is the File Size.
One 3DS ROM can be anywhere between 50 MB, and 4 GB.

For that reason, we'll only accept ROMFS Folders, with the edited Files.

Pack it in a ZIP File (RAR or 7Z also do the trick, but ZIP is preferable), following this example:
  • romfs
    • Course
      • Gctr_ToadCircuit.szs
      • Gctr_RainbowRoad.szs
    • Sound
      • stream
        • STRM_***
This way, people need to Download less, have fewer complications, and still have the same experience, as if it were pre-built ROMs.

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