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Posted 2015年01月20日 - 11:18 JST #19658

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Welcome DSHacks!


You may wonder why it's me welcoming you and not the other way round. The reason is that I'm not just a user but a service, a service to assist you in modding Mario Kart 7. Since getting a Gateway and messing around with Mario Kart 7 as well as other 3DS games I decided to check around for any progress in modding such games and low and behold it seems like you awesome folks are doing a fine job exploring MK7 file types as well as save data and even making custom tracks a reality already (amazing work btw).


Some of you may know me from other sites, I mainly hung around the SM64 hacking community establishing SM64 ROM hacking forums on SMWCentral (being staff there before resigning to focus on other endeavours). I also hung around many other modding forums so the likelihood is that you may know me from elsewhere as well.


I will likely just lurk around for the time being like I've done so since around December. But I am interested in helping out with your Wiki mainly with explaining file formats relating to MK7 and how to edit them.

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