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Posted 2015年01月26日 - 18:06 JST #19722

No, YOU think 485 times, before you say something.

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Since the GameSpy server shutdown, it's not posible to play Worms 4 Mayhem online, but with this guide, now you can play it online again.




The other way is buy Worms Ultimate Mayhem(best quality, more levels, etc) but it's not recomended for PC's without the required specs.


If you wanna play it now, there's a official online demo in the Team 17 Worms 4 Mayhem official site, only type "Worms 4 Mayhem" in Google (i can't post the link)


So, wanna do mayhem?



This game is hackeable, later i will make a thread about W4M hacking.

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