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Posted 2015年02月06日 - 6:15 JST #19904

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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What is YaBS?
YaBS is a new Blog System, which stands for "Yami's Blog Software", or "Yet another Blog Software".
It aims to be as lightweight, secure, and flexible as possible.

History of YaBS
Since last year, I've been making my own Blog System, because WordPress is to heavy, and CWMSv5 is to unstable, and it lacks lots of features.
What I tried to make, is a Blog System, that's actually made to be a Blog System, and not some kind of Webshop, Social Network, Company Homepage, or anything that's not a Blog, and still call yourself a Blog System.

I used a lot of Code from CWMSv5, and improved it (after all, YaBS 1.0 was built on CWMSv5).
Additionally, I used a lot of Graphical Elements from NSMBHD, because I like the Smileys, and the overall Layout, not to mention, that I'm horrible at CSS/Design.

So far, only 4 Websites run YaBS now, and I hope to extend this amount, when I actually start to advertise it.

YaBS 2.0
Now I've added loads of new Features to YaBS 2.0, and it got a major Architectural make-over, to make Theme Designers' lifes much easier.
Unlike with YaBS 1.0 and 1.1, I've got some volunteer help for YaBS 2.0, a few times.
Now that YaBS 2.0 is in Beta, I strongly recommend you, to use it.

Bug Hunters Needed
I'm as well in need for Bug Testers, it's always wise to let outsiders Test your Code, right?
All you need, is a Web Server (or Web Hosting) with FTP, PHP, and MySQL.

If you have any Feature you want to see it added, go ahead, and make it!
The only things I'll add by myself from this point, are:
- WordPress to YaBS Converter.
- YaBS 1.x to YaBS 2.0 Upgrader.
- Error Pages (I'm serious, because there are none, at the moment).

Just Download the ZIP, and put it on your Server/Hosting.

How to Install
1. Upload everything.
2. CHMod "config.php" to 777.
3. (Optionally) CHMod the "assets" Folder, and all the Folders beneath it, to 777. (If you don't do it, you won't be able, to use the Uploader).
4. Go to the Installer (which is at http://somedomain.tld/install),and fill in your stuff.
5. After Installing, just go to your Index Page. However, don't forget to Delete your Install Folder, if you want to stay safe.

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 5:29 JST #21208

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For the 404 error pages could we do something like this?[attachment=596:image.jpg]

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 6:21 JST #21209

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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I already have a good Error Page:

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 7:02 JST #21210

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I already have a good Error Page:attachicon.gifScreenshot_2.png

Nice :D

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 7:03 JST #21211

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How about the random joke section :P

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 9:13 JST #21212

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For the 404 error pages could we do something like this?attachicon.gifimage.jpg

im sure every one will love toad flipping every one off when theres a error lol.  so when this going to be released?

Posted 2015年06月11日 - 13:16 JST #21213

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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so when this going to be released?

You mean YaBS 2.1?
It already is.

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