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Wingcapman Eleven
Posted 2015年02月12日 - 20:24 JST #20024

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Hey hello everyone, I'm Wingcapman, some of you gamers here probably know me from the Mario Kart Wii community, Xat chats, or even have played with/against me in some online-compatible games.


I decided to join in this community because I'm actually curious about what you can do with Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7. Since a lot of other Nintendo games are actually modified so that you can put your own creativity in it, so I thought it would be a good idea to check out this community as well. (Maybe one day I'll try to put one of my custom Mario Kart Wii in Mario Kart 7, who knows.)

Haruhi Ermiiworth
Posted 2015年02月13日 - 3:52 JST #20037


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Welcome, Wing! I'm glad you came here... MKWii community is corrupt as hell.... This is a nice play where to stay

Mega Koopa X
Posted 2015年02月13日 - 4:07 JST #20040

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Hello fellow civilian. I'm kind of new here too.

Posted 2015年02月13日 - 4:09 JST #20043

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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Welcome here! ^^

Posted 2015年02月13日 - 4:41 JST #20046


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Welcome! I hope that you'll enjoy your stay here :P

Posted 2015年02月13日 - 8:20 JST #20049

No, YOU think 485 times, before you say something.

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Welcome, ROODUDE is happy to see another new member :)

Wingcapman Eleven
Posted 2015年02月14日 - 3:38 JST #20053

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Heh, thanks, I sure will enjoy my stay here. <w<


And yeah, the Mario Kart Wii community is, well, "childish", in a way that you really can't accept it. I'm actually more of a curious person about what I can do with a lot of stuff, and who knows that Mario Kart 7 custom tracks with at least local play against people would be a thing (I noticed that was online play at specific firmware versions already, but local play would be interesting (for friends and fun)).

Aside from being curious, I also might use this community for an inspiration kind of thing. Because sharing is caring, and art is fun. :P

Posted 2015年02月14日 - 4:09 JST #20054

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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I didn't know, the Mario Kart Wii Community was like that, but that's probably, because I only Post in 1 or 2 Threads, over there.
But anyhow, I keep doing my best, to keep this Forums a nice place, and so the other Admins/Moderators do.

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