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Posted 2015年03月13日 - 23:53 JST #20353

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Every Game has its Limits, including Mario Kart 7.
If you're Planning to make Mario Kart 7 Custom Tracks, Texture Hacks, Item Hacks, or something else, keep the following in mind:

1. EFE's BCMDL Generation is NOT perfect!
At this moment, don't trust on EFE's way to Convert OBJ's to BCMDL's to much.
It can easily screw up your Model, mostly your own fault, but often EFE's fault.
Always check your Model, before you Save it.

2. VRAM Limitations
Take into Account, that every Model's Textures and Verteces must not exceed 256 KB each (Total VRAM Size must be below 512 KB).
A select few people on this Forums is able to verify it: Any Admin, any Moderator, MH&G, Platinum Lucario, Super, and Team Fail.

3. Material Count and Model Count must be equal
The Material Count, and Model Count must match.
To do so, you can simply Select the entire Model in your Model Editor, and Merge/Combine it.

4. Keep ALL Item Points and Enemy Points, inside the Checkpoints
All Enemy Points, and Item Points must be inside the Checkpoints, otherwise, the Game will Crash.

5. Going outside the Checkpoints = Going Out of Bounds
Unlike in MKDS, in which Checkpoints are only important for Lap Counts, they've made extra important in MK7.
In MK7, you will go Out of Bounds, once you get outside a Checkpoint, and Respawn at the Last Checkpoints you passed.
So when Testing your CT, make sure you drive inside the Checkpoints, before you actually Edit the KMP File.

Posted 2015年03月14日 - 1:33 JST #20355

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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Nice ^^

Posted 2015年03月16日 - 17:35 JST #20388

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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Also Glider Points

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