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Posted 2015年03月22日 - 21:32 JST #20468

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Yep, I've got enough of the Ads, they slowed down the Site, they took Space, and they barely made any money (65 Euro per 14 years, disgusting!).
For this reason, I've got rid of all Ads, with no exception.

Mega Koopa X
Posted 2015年03月23日 - 1:26 JST #20477

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Hooray, The ads were getting annoying. especially the Skyscraper Gamezone one. 

N64 Arctus
Posted 2015年03月23日 - 1:34 JST #20478

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Are they gone? Are we finally free?! YAY!!!

Dark Light
Posted 2015年03月23日 - 4:11 JST #20480

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I didn't notice because I was using AdBlock, although some ads would get through adblock.

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