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Posted 2015年04月01日 - 3:23 JST #20593

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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Gateway rom patcher

Generated MK7 .3ds with MK7 repacking tools

The rom used in the decryption. (The tools will move it to originalrom folder)


Step 1

Open Gateway rom patcher and drag the original MK7 rom used in the decryption.


Step 2

Click Export Header and save it somewhere else.


Step 3

Drag the generated MK7 rom. You might see that the Card ID and Chip ID changed to a bunch of "F"


Step 4

Click Import Header and load the header you exported from the original rom. You will see a dialog asking if you want to fix the size, click yes.


Step 5

Check the option "Rename ROM to .3dz" and click Apply. Now the rom will be renamed to .3dz, and will be safe to play it online.

Mega Koopa X
Posted 2015年04月01日 - 3:27 JST #20594

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This is amazing

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