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Swiftie Luma
Posted 2015年05月12日 - 11:58 JST #20889

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Hello there!

So i recently was able to do my first sprite edits for Mario Kart DS , thanks to really helpful users!

This is my method , and my First tutorial so please if there's an easier way to do something just comment about it! :) 


However , some might still be wondering how to do it so let me show you my method on how to Put your own sprites in the game.

Let's Begin.


What do you need?


- Tools -


- MKDS Rom

- MKDS Course Modifier

- Everyfile Explorer (EFE)


- Your custom icon or image to put in the game

- Editing program for images , For this Tutorial I'll use Photoshop (You''ll see why in the tutorial) Alternative : Use GIMP (it's free :P)


 Okay , now that you have all of that let's go! :P  


(o<) 1- First of all , you need to open your rom with NSMBe and search for the location of the files you want to edit/replace ; In here i'm going to edit the Character select icons so i need to go to root>data>Main2D_us.

In there you are going to search for Player_character_M_nce (the image) and player_character_M_o (the palettes) and double click on both so you open them.


1.1 When you open the palettes click on the ''16 color'' square and the press ''add all''

1.2 Now in the Editing Window click on ''View on 4pbb format''  and adjust the Tile Width to 4 and you will have something like this:




You'll see that there are 16 palettes ,with the first 13 being the palettes for Each character select icon starting with Mario and ending with Shy Guy. If you click on each palette , you'll see 1 character colored correctly while the others aren't . This helps you to identify the character icon you want to replace or edit and it's palette (Remember the number!)   ;)


2.1 Before closing NSMBe , please , take note of (remember) the palette colors in the Upper-right corner in the Editor Window (this will help you later when editing the palette itself)


(o<) 3 - Open your image with Photoshop. You can either make an icon using a full image or if you find an existing little icon you can use that too , whatever you want.


Now , when your icon is ready ,go to IMAGE>MODE>INDEXED COLOR (This is why i'm using Photoshop)


Now your image will be transformed into a image with less color information. When the window pops up , put ''16'' in the box to make sure you have 16 colors in your palette.


Now in the palette tab , choose ''Custom'' so you'll see the 16 colors that Photoshop chose to color the icon (Remember these colors you'll need them later).



Close the Custom window , then  return to the indexed color Window and press ''ok'' to do changes. Save your new image as png.


4- Open your Rom with Mario Kart DS Course Modifier and search for the 16 color palette mentioned earlier , which is in Main_2D_us , with the name ''player_character_M_o.NCLR''


Double click on that and you will have a window like this:



Now , you will search for the right palette (you would know if you took note of it like i advice to do!) 


-When you find the right palette , you need to edit it and change the colors with the 16 Colors that Photoshop gave to you for your icon before! (Again , this is why i told you to take note and remember :P)  Or To make it even easier just remember the number of the palette and scroll down (As they are in order) from 0-12. , i.e the very first row of 16 colors is Mario's palette (number 0) 


-The adventage here is that there's no a specifc order , as long as you edit just the 16 colors for the original palette of the character you are replacing/editing  and only those!.


4.2- When you are done , click on th disk icon in the upper-left corner to save and close the palette window , BUT DON'T CLOSE MKDSCM. To properly save , you need to export the palette file and save it somewhere in your computer.


5 - Open your room with EFE , and search for the palette file in the right location. Right-click on it and choose replace. Replace that file with the new palette file you just exported from MKDS course Modifier.

SAVE With the Disk icon after replacing , and then Choose ''Save as'' And save a new rom or just replace the old one.


6- When you are done , Go to NSMBe again and go to the same locations for the image and the palette in Main2D_us.


Search for the Right palette (10 in this case for Waluigi) and you'll have this result:




Your palette was succesfully changed in there, but this is not the end!.


6.2 Now click on ''Export this bitmap'' and save it as png.


6.3 Go to photoshop again and open your Exported Bitmap. With your image open , drag Your created icon (the one with 16-color palette indexed color) and place it PROPERLY in the place of the other character (in this case we are Deleting Waluigi and adding Cosmic Spirit icon) , so you'll have something like this:



Remember to place it Properly with the same space of the original Image so the other icons Don't mess up in the game! (In the image above the CS icon is way too close to R.O.B. but i fixed it and positioned like Waluigi's with the proper space in between both icons)


Also remember to erase properly the original Icon in the image (Waluigi's in this case) so the image is clean without left-overs.


- Save that as png.


Now go back to NSMBe and select ''Import this Bitmap with existing palette'' (make sure you are positioned in the RIGHT PALETTE , in this case number 10) And replace it with the New image you just created.


And this is the result.



Note: Sometimes the other palettes will ''mess up'' a little , but Don't worry ; You can easily fix this with this editor ; Just go to the color you want and select brush or bucket and recolor the ''messed up'' section or the character IN THEIR OWN PALETTE. This happens sometimes , From my experience,  but on the good side, the bad changes Aren't big , is just like 1 color so it takes like 5 minutes or less to fix all  them :)


So be sure to check the other palettes by scrolling up and down after you edit your custom one so the other characters have them properly placed too! :)




Now Close NSMBe and you are DONE!


If you did everything correctly , you should have something like this!



I hope this helps people , and if you have something you want to say about this tutorial , just comment!


Thanks for reading!

Red Yoshi
Posted 2015年05月12日 - 12:21 JST #20890

39 Posts

Thanks for sharing this tutorial Rosetta! 

Swiftie Luma
Posted 2015年05月12日 - 12:45 JST #20891

55 Posts

You are welcome! Maybe i'll do other one in the future , different topic for sure lol :P

N64 Arctus
Posted 2015年05月12日 - 12:46 JST #20892

635 Posts

I guess my tutorial wasn't thorough enough, since it was mainly about Item Roulette icons, but it's the same basic principle. :P

Swiftie Luma
Posted 2015年05月12日 - 12:50 JST #20893

55 Posts

I guess my tutorial wasn't thorough enough, since it was mainly about Item Roulette icons, but it's the same basic principle. :P

Oh , it's not like that :P


I did this because i wanted to share my experience about the subject and because there's no tutorials on the help page about it (correct me if i'm wrong though)


In fact , you really helped me a lot with this :)

Mega Koopa X
Posted 2015年05月16日 - 7:58 JST #20924

78 Posts

This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

Posted 2015年05月16日 - 8:40 JST #20925

12 Posts

I've been waiting for a tutorial like this to pop up. This will come in handy, indeed!

Thanks for this :D

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