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Red Yoshi
Posted 2015年05月16日 - 0:51 JST #20920

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Hai :P

This tutorial will show step by step of how to extract a Wii U ROM (.WUD)

  1. Things you will need 

     2. Getting ready! 

Now that you have DiscU, extract it. After you extract DiscU, Place your .WUD inside the DiscU folder.

It should look like this.


     3. Almost ready to extract! 

Now that you have DiscU extracted and your Wud in the extracted folder, we are ready to move on! 

In the "DiscU_2.1b-cred" folder, create two new .txt files. THIS  IS IMPORTANT! 

Once you have the new txt files, rename one of them to "titlekey.bin" and rename the other one to "ckey.bin" inside the DiscU folder.

If Windows doesnt change the File format, open winRAR and Open the DiscU folder. Right click on "titlekey.bin.txt and remove .txt to change the format. Same goes with "ckey.bin.txt" just remove .txt from the name. (Renaming the files must be done in WinRAR if Windows doesnt automatically do it.

     4. Hex Editing! 

Now after you are done with step 3, your DiscU folder should look like this

Discu2.pngIf it looks like this, you are doing everything correctly!

Open "titlekey.bin" with Hex-Editor MX (IT HAS TO BE THIS HEX EDITOR) 

Put the Wii U game's Title key in  "titlekey.bin"

For Mario Kart 8, it would be "c3 f8 73 c4 e0 1e a0 28 17 e1 82 89 8e ce bc 74"

Wii U Title Keys here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/wiiu-game-dumps-list-and-nfo.366269/

Now, open up "ckey.bin" with Hex-Editor MX. 

Put the Wii U Common Key in there.

Wii U common key:D7B00402659BA2ABD2CB0DB27FA2B656


     5. Time to extract! 

Now in the DiscU folder, rename your .wud to "game.wud". (THIS IS IMPORTANT).

Create another .txt and rename it to "extract.bat"

Same thing, if Windows doesnt change the format manually change it in WinRAR. 

Once you have "Extract.bat" as a .Bat file, Right click on it and press "Edit".

Once your editing it in Notepad, type this exactly like this! 



Save the file after editing it in Notepad. 

Now your DiscU folder will look like this.

Disc_U_Final.pngNow double click on "extract.bat" to start the extraction!!!!!! 

(Be patient, it will take a bit of time to extract!!!!!) 

Once its done extracting, it should look like this.

FINAL.pngHave fun looking in Wii U games! 

If you have questions just ask! 

Posted 2015年05月16日 - 1:00 JST #20921

On 26/09/2014, at 9:25 pm, Yamilla Hoshi wrote:> ????

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Interesting....  Also, you can open the txt an save as with the correct extension.

Red Yoshi
Posted 2015年05月16日 - 1:03 JST #20922

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Interesting....  Also, you can open the txt an save as with the correct extension.


Posted 2015年05月16日 - 1:23 JST #20923

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Now I'm wondering, if it's possible to turn WUD Files, into WUMAD Files.

Posted 2015年05月18日 - 4:05 JST #20953

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Just awesome... :mellow:

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