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Posted 2015年06月05日 - 12:21 JST #21143

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Don't Get Dish Network's Internet plan guy's it's a stupid shit scam! >:( You know what they do? Go ahead guess! Well I'll tell you they charge you for watching videos, playing games online, and, more! They use this dumb shit data system that phones use and, they fuck you up the ass with it! This is the worst internet service I have ever had! Every time you watch a video, play a game online ect, they slow it down a little until it's slower than a fucking snail! It took me 2 hours to download MKDS from the Wii U eShop! Remember Don't ever get Dish guy's! It's a fucking scam!

Posted 2015年06月05日 - 14:34 JST #21144

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Rule of thumb: Never blindly go with a YouTube Network, always find one that:
1. Is in business for a long time.
2. Has Reviews written.
3. Is one of the bigger ones.

Posted 2015年06月05日 - 17:04 JST #21145

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yeah.  internet throttling...


i wish this would happen more often.


Team Fail
Posted 2015年06月05日 - 18:10 JST #21146

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Kinda glad we don't have internet assholes like that in Canada lol. That kind of internet plan is seriously a scam. In two months I use about 60GB on just my own computer. That is, some downloads, YouTube, and a lot of web browsing and streaming.

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