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Ambiance 69
Posted 2015年07月04日 - 4:42 JST #21502

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I've found another unused MKDS thing. It's a placeholder Shy Guy model found in KartModelMain.carc in both MKDS Final and Kiosk Demo ROMs. Named "E_HH.nsbmd" and "E_HH.nsbtx". {In Kiosk Demo there's no NSBTX, just the NSBMD}. Full directory: KartModelMain.carc => character => heyho
Side view 1:
Side view 2:
Bottom view {that thing in the middle occurs on ALL models, that's the feature of the MKDS Course Modifier's built-in NSBMD viewer}:

Posted 2015年07月04日 - 4:44 JST #21503

Feature-Length Nut Expansion Pak

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We knew about that model already. Also, I recommend you to use a newer version of mkdscm: http://florian.nouwt.com/MKDSCMLast.zip

Posted 2015年07月04日 - 4:45 JST #21504

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Looks really nice, even thou I`m not expert on these kind of things

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