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Posted 2012年03月04日 - 2:49 JST #7272

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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Alright then, in order to give more ease to the people, every Custom Hacked Files (textures, courses, cars, characters, etc.) need to have the following:[list]
[*]Video (optional)
What is this hack?
How does it look like?
Where did you base on it?
Aka, some text which sums up about your hack.

If you want to post 1 screenshot or 20, it doesn't matter, but at least one.
To add the screenshot, use this code:

Change the "Foobar" and "png" into however your screenshot is called (including the .jpg, .png, etc. part).

You don't need to, but if you want:

Change the "xxxxxxxxxxx" into the video ID, as seen on YouTube.

I won't require you on it, but it's always handy to let others know what's different from the previous version (big fixes, more textures modified, etc.).

Of course you'll need to have a download link.
If you have access to YamiHoshi.eu, use your FTP account of YamiHoshi.eu (instructions included in your PM).
The download URL works like this:

The "http://www.yamihoshi.eu" part is always the same.
The "username" part is the username of your Wiki account.
The "filename.ext" part is the file you upload to the FTP server, like "old_sherbet_gc.carc", for example.

Example template
Well, something like this, maybe?
This hack is a port of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7.<br /> <br /> ==Screenshots==<br /> [[File:NDS-MKDS-HACK01.png]]<br /> <br /> ==Video==<br /> {{#ev:youtube|ds_1337HACK}}<br /> <br /> ==Changelog==<br /> ===v2.0===<br /> *KCL fixed.<br /> <br /> ===v1.5===<br /> *NKM fixed.<br /> *Background added.<br /> *Colour fixed.<br /> <br /> ===v1.0===<br /> *First release.<br /> <br /> ==Download==<br /> [http://www.yamihoshi.eu/YamiHoshi/old_rainbow_3ds.carc Download]

Note: Uploading illegal content and/or full ROMs, results into no longer having access to it.

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