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Posted 2012年05月18日 - 21:33 JST #8446

I'm cutely evil, aren't I?

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It happens a lot, either a Server Failure, or a Forum Failure.

Identifying it is simple, if you can't access DSHack.org, check if:
You can access YamiHoshi.nl or Mario Kart CW Project? It means that DSHack.org has a corrupt table.
You can't access YamiHoshi.nl or Mario Kart CW Project? It means that the entire Server got a problem.

As for a corrupt table, it might happen, that the Sections Table gets corrupt in MySQL, for unknown reason.
It can be solved, by executing the Repair Table command (only for SysAdmins).

As for a Server failure, it might happen, that HTTPD Server gets filled up.
It can be solved, by restarting the HTTPD Server, this has been done Automatically, using an SH Script, but it doesn't mean it's fully solved.

How can I report this?
Some of you, have my MSN Address, but I might not be available.
Instead, Email the failure to: [img]http://www.dshack.org/lulz/37638118.cwgi[/img].
Use "Failure" as the Subject, and briefly explain what's the problem.
Error Codes are usually not needed, as the problems are all known to us.
Just write down, that you can't access DSHack.org, as well as YamiHoshi.nl or Mario Kart CW Project, or you can't access DSHack.org, but you can access YamiHoshi.nl or Mario Kart CW Project.

The sooner you report it, the better.
And while it happens, don't hit F5, CTRL+R, CMD+R, or whatever to Refresh the page, because that will only make it take longer for us to solve.
Also, that Email Address is not meant to Spam stuff like "Hurry Up!", or "HAAAAIIIII~!", because this Email Address is Priority #1, and therefore, installed on anything, to make us notice that, as soon as possible.

As for the Americans, Asians, and Australians, keep in mind, that we can't be as quick during night, in European Time Zone.
And finally, if you send us the Report, you'll be the first to know about that, as we always reply on these Emails.

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